A Functional Board Game Bag Is On Market Now From Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd

- Jan 13, 2019-

A functional board game bag is on market now from Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd, It containers below 7 functions for storage tabletop bags.

  1. Can contain 7pcs standared size board games or lots of middle sized games,small sized games.


Big size tabletop board game bags 1

  2. With good quality Front bag which can put differ sized of guide books ,play boards and small accessories of games.

Big size tabletop board game bags 4

  3.With good quality handle,so can be a handbag.

Big size tabletop board game bags 2

  4. With two sponge soft and stronger backstraps which can bear more than 15kg and prtect your sholder and back. So it also have backpack function.


Big size tabletop board game bags 3

  5. With good quality shoulder strap and shoulder pad to protect your shoulder,so it also have shoulder bag function. 

  6. The backpack can be hide as we have an zipper design on the back,so makes your bag more beautiful and functional.

  7.A stronger layer in backside which can allowed you put the bag into a draw-bar from any style draw-bar box,so if you are travelling ,you can also use this bag to container your games or ther accessories more easily to carry. 

  To know more ,pls check the website :  https://www.heightindustry.com/board-game-bag/board-game/big-size-tabletop-board-game-bags.html

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