A Party Of Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd Sales Team

- Oct 15, 2019-

Last night,Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd Sales team had dinner together and enjoyed an unforgettable night in Grand Skylight International Hotel. Our company focused on top quality kalimba instrument,cajonbox,ukulele,board game bag and other bags since 2009 in China.The sales team members are Claire,Gavin,Kay,Evian.And we are professional team with more than 10 years experience for trading business and been served for more than hundred differ customers in bag field,board game field,musical instrument field.Meanwhile,we are a harmonious and happy team.As long as the customer needs,we are pleased to serve for you!


The Grand Skylight International Hotel has a variety of delicious food for choice,fruits,drinks,seafood,friedfood,dessert etc.While enjoying the food,a professional singer brings beautiful music for us.

Sometimes,not only do we need the pressure to push us forward at work,we need to relax ourselves so as to meet the new chanllenges.


Tips:Don't forget make yourself relax.

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