A Practical Product - ​Foldable Trolley

- Dec 26, 2019-

Height has a product called a foldable trolley.

Why did us want to launch this product? The most important reason is that we want to make people's lives easier. The foldable trolley has a strong and durable board and a non-slip rubber pad on the surface.The mute casters are made of high-performance materials, which can effectively reduce the noise and driving force.Handle durable, baffle can prevent items from sliding backwards.In addition, fold-down versions save space and are easy to carry.

It's not just for our board game bags.It can be used when you're out shopping, when you're out at work, when you're delivering things.It can be used in many situations.

If there are other areas that need to be optimized, please give us your Suggestions.We will make further improvements.

foldable trolley

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