A Very Nice Suggestion Comes From Height About Ukulele Today--Common Bad Habits Of New Ukulele Learner

- Mar 28, 2019-

1.Eager to play and sing, but do not cooperate well

When you finally remember two or three new chords and are pleasantly surprised to find that the song you are looking forward to is within reach, you can't wait to start playing. However, this time may have been intermittent, also did not remember the song.It's fun to play and sing together for a while, but remember to pay attention to where you've broken, and go back and break them one by one instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again, which is inefficient or even fruitless.But more often, it may be found that playing and singing do not match, there is a kind of mutual fighting.To solve this problem, remember to play the accompaniment part well, and then practice the singing part alone, that is, the melody part. After getting familiar with it, we can cooperate with the accompaniment.

2.Slowly change the posture of holding the Ukulele

Ukulele has its own standard hold position, which improves efficiency in all areas and is the key to mastering difficult movements.But over time, as you get used to the instrument, you start to "skin" it, and the posture becomes more and more casual, which may become a habit in the long run.Practicing in a standard posture for a long time may make you feel tired, which is quite common at the beginning. Stick to the right habits, and when you get used to them, you won't tire so easily. But if you change your posture for comfort, it's not so easy to change the habits you've developed

3.Do not want to remember music theory

When it comes to the theoretical knowledge of music, people seem to be afraid...Ukulele, in particular, has a reputation for being simple and easy to learn, so most ukulele lovers avoid music more.In fact, understanding these theoretical knowledge can not improve your skills, or even completely affect your learning of new songs, but it can help you understand the reasons for the music effect through playing the instrument, so that you can in turn use it, add more understanding for your performance, and can better draw inferences.

Then how to understand the knowledge of music theory?

As long as the practice of piano, music theory will be in the accumulation of piano slowly natural. If you meet, remember, no understanding is ok; If not, you can choose to let nature take its course. Understanding is the accumulation of experience. As long as you practice with your hands, ears and a little bit of thinking, you will be much better than other children who are still struggling.

Edit by Hodor Wong