Best Ukulele Learning Skills And Methods

- Jan 28, 2019-

Many ukulele beginners need to study methods and techniques carefully in order to play their favorite songs as they please. Let's take a look at how to learn ukulele for you to read.


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Learning ukulele's method: the factors of practice


The position of the thumb of the left hand, the distance between the finger and the position of the finger, and the movement and change of the palm, wrist, and arm of the left hand when changing on different strings, whether the finger of the string is used with proper strength, whether it is relaxed, or not The position of the finger according to the string, the shape of the finger, their preparatory movements, other parts of the body, whether there is tension caused by practice, whether there is extra movement when moving by the string finger, whether the economy of the finger movement is taken into consideration It is more appropriate to do such an exercise. It is recommended to do some of the most basic exercises before playing the piano. What kind of speed is used to do such exercises is most effective, the pronunciation of each sound in the practice, the tone, time value, connection; increase the chord movement and the dynamic change of the right hand.


Learning ukulele's method: solution


1. Overcoming left hand limitations

Most people know that the flexibility of the left hand is somewhat limited compared to the right hand, so the relaxation exercise of the left hand is very important. The left hand starts from the chromatic scale up from any string, and each finger in the left hand first sounds the string. Then press the same position in the same position [ie put your finger on the string and do not press on the product] so that the right hand string is a voice, pay attention to the left hand finger is quite relaxed, experience this relaxation Feel the hand and unify the feel of the actual press, so that the left-handed string feel gradually approaches the feeling of the virtual press to relax. Then the left hand refers to the alternating chromatic scale practice of the real and virtual voices and moves the exercise to each string.


2. Chord exercise

The correct chord action is - the way the wrist fingers are extremely relaxed and pressed at a point, the fingers swinging left and right along the direction of the strings [do not cross the strings direction]. The whole movement is like the one we didn't play when we were young, and the chords should be practiced as a daily practice. Starting from a single tone, there are also two-tone, three-tone chords. When you start practicing, you can't make up your chords. You can put your left hand as far as possible on your right wrist and practice on the strings.

3. Voice practice in the practice of wheel fingers

Everyone often practiced the project by pointing to the metronome by the slow-paced training wheel, but I don’t know that the effect of this method is that the sound is thin. The correct practice steps must be based on the sound practice of more than half a year. Be sure to be slow, and the requirements are average volume, uniform tone, and equal pitch. The main purpose of the exercise is to train the independent activity, volume, clarity, and granularity of the finger. In other words, the so-called wheel finger is only the final manifestation of the basic skills of the right hand on the same string.


4. Precautions

Other situations or variability exercises that you feel need to pay attention to, many things may seem complicated, but when you break them down and master them step by step, it feels like a natural habit - If a complex thing can really be broken down, in fact, every step feels simple.


Ukulele study skills


1. Find out how to learn ukulele, such as music theory, basic skills, skills, music, etc., and develop a practice plan for each aspect.


(1) Music Theory: The piano friends who just started learning, we understand the basic music theory, master the relationship of the semi-tones of the scales, and understand the ukulele spectrum. Basically, the contents of the ukulele textbooks all involve how to read the spectrum and the simple basis. Music theory, follow the teaching materials step by step.

(2) Basic skills: such as left and right hand basic exercises, enhance finger flexibility and memory. The plucking of the right hand, the chord of the left hand, and the training of the plaid. Pay special attention to rhythm and tempo in practice.

(3) Skills: Some techniques for playing, such as cut-off, portamento, mute, striking, overtone, etc. We have to practice it separately and specifically. Such as: 10 minutes of technical practice every day.

(4) Music sense: Everyone's music is different. Some people have a better natural music. So what we have to do is to sing the scores, the back spectrum, and we must first sing the sounds. For example, playing a small star, listening to the pitch of each sound, distinguishing each sound separately, and then you can sing along with the instrument, while paying attention to the rhythm and beat.


2. Each stage (such as one week, one month, one year) has detailed practice plans and goals to be achieved, and strives to complete their own plans and achieve the goals as much as possible.


3. The short-term plans and goals must be realistic and should be slightly higher than their current level and can be achieved with a little effort.


4. Follow the progress of the textbook to plan and practice, and spend more time on the basic exercises to achieve the desired effect.


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