Carinba's Music Usage Scene

- Sep 11, 2019-

Kalimba is a body-sounding instrument in the category of musical instruments—stringed instruments, wind-sounding instruments, skin-sounding instruments, and body-sounding instruments.


The main purpose of Kalimba is to sing, and the thumb piano is usually played on religious ceremonies or social events.


When playing, hold the body with both hands and play with two thumbs. When the thumb is pressed and released, the steel sheet will vibrate and make a sound.



Some of the thumb pianos will be equipped with some shells or soda bottle caps, so that they can make some "beep" sounds at the same time, or they can be shaken halfway on the table, which will give an echo-like effect, or The sound of the tambourine metal sheet swaying makes the sound more rich.


The thumb piano is small and easy to carry. When the sunset is over, people will circle and use it to sing or tell stories. Some natives also carry it to spend time along the way when they walk long distances.

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