Customer’s High Appreciation And Evaluation For Height Kalimba

- Dec 11, 2018-

Yesterday ,we are so happy to received a very good feedback from our new customer who just cooperate with us in first order for OEM 10 note kalimba and 17 note kalimba order ,here below are what our customers from Asian Market saying:


Hi Claire,

I'd like to report the inspection result.It says excellent!

There are two hammer missing,It's no problem.

Some customers have also tested them, They say tha kalimbas have a very good quality.

I thank you for all your efforts and your staff

Best Regards,



And our reply for them:


Hi SG,

So nice to hear from you and happy to hear your great appreciation.Thank you so much for sharing me such nice feedback.

For the missing hammer ,I am sorry for that ,is that ok to send you in your next order ? And we will specially mentioned it to our packing department asking them to offer you some extra hammer next times except the 2pcs.

Thank you so much for your highly appreciation ,we will do our best to improve more and wish we could have more and more business,also wish your company gain more and more booming business.

Warmest Regards,

Claire Huang

Marketing Director

Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd


height kalimbas

We feel so happy and encouraged by receiving our dearest customer’s great feedback for our 10 note kalimba, 17 keys kalimbas, also we welcome our customers to offer suggestions for us ,so we can improve ourselves and we both walk forth to further future steps and growing together.


Thank your for all our dearest customers and also thank you for all friend and people who always support us and pay attention to us. Wish all of you have a great and booming business for ukulele,kalimba, cajon and guitars, ukulele bags,kalimba bags,cajon bag ,game bag ,game cases and all other products.


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