Electric Guitar Pickup Is Too Magnetic, What To Do If It Brings Noise

- Dec 07, 2019-

Generally, the single-coil pickup is more noisy than the dual-coil. In addition, the high noise may also be related to your playing technique, speakers, and audio cables.

Solution: first connect the guitar to the speaker, turn the guitar volume to the maximum, and then protect the guitar strings with your hands to see if there is still a lot of noise. If the noise after the string is tolerable, then 80% of it is because of your playing skills,

If the noise is still very loud, then check whether there is any problem with the connecting wire, whether the ground wire is connected well, and the problem with the wire itself (the wire should be soft and thick, the connector is grounded, and the connection is correct, and the welding is firm)


 If the problem of the connection cable is eliminated, then check whether the noise door of the effector is not open, or the effect itself is too distorted.

Finally check your speakers. Some speakers will have a gain knob. When the gain is too high, the signal will be amplified a lot, and the noise will be very loud, so you can choose to adjust the gain appropriately to increase the volume. Way to solve.

If you tried all of these and still didn't solve the problem, get your guitar, go to the person who sells the piano to you, and ask him how to solve it!

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