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1. Packaging and acceptance of goods


The seller must pay the cost of the check (eg checking the quality of the goods, measuring, weighing, points) for the delivery of the goods to the buyer. The seller must provide, at its own expense, the packaging required by the seller prior to the conclusion of the contract for the carriage of the goods (eg, mode of transport, destination) (unless the goods referred to in the contract generally do not require packaging, in accordance with relevant industry practice). Packaging should be properly marked.


 2. Customs and insurance


It should be noted that the seller must provide goods and commercial invoices or equivalent electronic messages in accordance with the sales contract, as well as any other documents that the contract may require to prove that the goods comply with the contract. And when the buyer handles customs clearance and insurance, the seller must fully cooperate with the buyer.




The seller must deliver the goods not placed on any transport vehicle to the buyer at the designated place in accordance with the date or time specified in the contract, or if the date or time limit is not agreed, in accordance with the usual time for delivery of such goods. If a specific delivery point is not agreed within the specified location, or if there are several delivery points available, the seller can select the delivery point that best suits its purpose among the delivery locations.


4, the problem should be noted when using EXW terminology


(1) Behind the EXW terminology, the delivery points within the specified delivery location should be clearly stated. If there is no specific delivery point specified at the specified delivery location and more than one delivery point is available, the seller can choose the most convenient delivery point for it.


(2) The seller does not need to load the goods with any means of transport to receive the goods. If the seller assists the buyer in loading, the FCA should be used.


(3) When customs clearance is required, the seller does not need to go through customs clearance procedures. The seller is obliged to assist the buyer in the export formalities only when the buyer requests and bears the risks and expenses. Therefore, the term should not be used when the buyer cannot directly or indirectly handle the export formalities, but should use the FCA.


(4) When the buyer requests and bears the risks and expenses, the seller is obliged to provide or assist the buyer in time to obtain the documents and information related to the import and export of the goods, including safety information. The buyer is only responsible for providing the seller with information about the export of the goods.


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