Height Board Game Accessories

- Apr 19, 2020-

Dear friends, I hope you all stay healthy and safe.

Today I am very happy to introduce several of our board game accessories, which are dice bag, dice, and board game bag trolley and foam tray.

Dice bag, we have a variety of dice bags to choose from, various sizes and you can also design your own dice bag. It will look more special.

Dice is almost an indispensable accessory for board games. We need it to help us better experience board games.

Board games include trolley cars. Sometimes we choose to do table game activities outdoors. When we bring a large number of table games out, a trolley car will be your best choice. It can save effort and bring many conveniences for outdoor activities.

The foam tray can hold many items, including board game accessories and so on. It can effectively save space and plays a very important role in storing items.

board game accessory

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