Height Launched A New Product - Classical Guitar

- Jun 23, 2020-

Hello, friends.

So happy to tell you the good news, our company has launched a new classical guitar, we have also become a member of the company that sells guitars.

This new product is a classical guitar. The classical guitar is also a member of the guitar family. It should also be listed among the three major musical instruments in the world with piano and violin. The harp and lute belong to the classical stringed instrument category. On the fingerboard, there are 12 characters from the string pillow to the junction of the handle and the piano box. The fingerboard is wider. The nylon strings are used. The sound quality is thick, the sound is rich, and there is no protective board. It is mainly used to play classical music. It has strict requirements from playing posture to finger touching the string. It has deep skills. It is the most artistic in the guitar family, the most representative, the most adaptable, the deepest, and the most recognized by the art world. class.

The structure of classical guitars is obviously different from other musical instruments (folk guitars, electric guitars, etc.); classical guitars are mainly soloed, taking into account a certain amount of ensemble, concerto, etc.; fingers are directly played and combined with various special performance skills; from music In terms of performance: Classical guitars mainly play classical music, taking into account a certain amount of modern classical music. Delicate and changeable timbre, rich multi-part harmony performance ability, can be freely interpreted to the music of different periods, different styles, and different nationalities.

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