Height New Mini Thumb Piano Kalimba

- Jun 03, 2020-

Recently Height Music launched many new products, not only board game bags, but also musical instruments like ukulele, kalimba. We have been researching and developing new products, hoping to bring customers a better experience.

Kalimba has been welcomed by many people. I hope friends who like Height products can contact us at any time if you are interested.

I am very happy to share a mini thumb piano today, why do I like it?

Because it is so cute, first of all, it is very small, and you can even put it in the palm of your hand and light. If you travel, it will not affect us. We can put it in our pockets and hang it around our necks. Secondly, this transparent kalimba looks very beautiful. The tone is clear and bright.

Mini Kalimba Piano

Thank you for your reading. If you have any inquiries or doubts, please feel free to contact the following,

Email Address: sales@heightindustry.com

Also attached Height kalimba website for your reference, pls freely visit it,


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