Height New Product 36 Inch Travel Classical Guitar

- Jul 13, 2020-

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Classical guitar is known as one of the world's three major musical instruments alongside piano and violin. The harp and lute belong to the classical stringed instrument category. On the fingerboard, there are 12 characters from the string pillow to the junction of the piano handle and the piano box. The fingerboard is wider. The nylon strings are used. The sound quality is thick, the sound is rich, and there is no protective board. It is mainly used to play classical music. It has strict requirements from playing posture to finger touching strings. It has profound skills. It is the most artistic and representative in the guitar family, with the widest adaptability, the most depth, and the most recognized by the art world. class.

Earlier we informed that the new classical guitar was launched, Height 36 Inch Travel Classical Guitar, model No. HT-C-A36. 

36inch classical guitar

Headstock: Classical guitar head

Top: Laminated Ashwood  

Back&Sides: Laminated Linden wood  

Finish: Matte

Machine head: Open gear

String: Nylon String

Fretboard  & Bridge: ABS Plastic

Neck: Qiu wood

Nut & Saddle: ABS Plastic

Binding: 5 line ABS

Color: Natural

Size: 36 inch

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