Height Pineapple Sapele Wood Ukulele

- Mar 20, 2020-

Making musical instruments with Sapele is ideal and very common. Its color is reddish-brown, and the wood texture appears rough. After processing, it is made into straight lines. The texture has a three-dimensional appearance and a glittering touch. At the same time, it can also be antiqued and solemnly decorated by adding colored paint. Make the instrument look different and have an aesthetic feel.

The pineapple-shaped body has more space, better resonance, and louder volume.

Today I want to share our Height Pineapple Sapele Wood Ukulele for you, let's take a look. 

sapele wood ukulele (1)

Model No.: PHS01

Top: Sapele Wood

Back &Side: Sapele Wood

Fingerboard: Synthetic wood

Bridge: Walnut wood

String: Aquila String

Size: 21" Soprano

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