How Can Students Be Interested In Percussion Instruments?

- Aug 08, 2019-


The distinctive feature of percussion is that it has a strong sense of rhythm, rich colors, and is easy to operate. It is easier for students to learn. This is also in line with the lively and active characteristics of the students.


Different percussion instruments have different characteristics, and each percussion instrument can sing its own unique tone. In the process of teaching, teachers can analyze the musical image of each percussion instrument with students, and let them choose their favorite percussion instruments in the specific image.



In the process of teaching, students are allowed to study these percussion instruments and let them find the rhythm of the instrument by tapping. In this process, students can create their own music. In the music classroom, teachers should lead students to explore new thinking, let them develop the habit of active thinking, and use percussion instruments flexibly in teaching. Let the students listen to the rhythm of the percussion instrument; let the students touch the shape of the percussion instrument; let the students beat the pitch of the percussion instrument.

By allowing students to practice in all aspects, they can have an intuitive understanding of percussion instruments in a short period of time, and a clear understanding of the basic structure of percussion instruments, which in turn helps them learn about percussion instruments.