Here, HITBG01 Series Board Game Bag

- Jun 05, 2020-

Are you looking for a board game bag that is both waterproof and moisture-proof, its fabric is very durable, comfortable.

Have you found a bag that meets your requirements? If not, let us understand this bag.

Height HITBG01 series bag, we use waterproof fabric, the surface is made of cationic fabric and polyester oxford fabric in order to make the bag more durable. 


Besides, we conducted a special test on this product, and the test results found that in the same humid environment, other bags are prone to mold, and this bag will not have the phenomenon. We found that this board game bag (Height HITBG01 series) did it. It is so different.

I hope you can like it too and welcome to try to use this bag! Worthy a try!

Height new board game bag

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