Height Instruments To Achieve Mutual Enterprise Workers

- Jan 07, 2020-

News (Reporter Wang Qianhua) Height Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. has actively taken effective measures to vigorously carry out joint agreed activities, relying on activities to protect rights, ensure safety, and promote harmony, achieving a win-win situation for enterprises and employees. Focusing on the center of safety, efficiency and stability, Height Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. fully implements the scientific concept of development and adheres to the labor organization policy of “organizing and effectively safeguarding rights” in order to build an innovative Height, create an effective Height, Harmonious Height is the goal, with the development of harmonious labor relations as the main line, and the implementation of the "Comprehensive Rights Protection Project" as a means to actively participate in the "congratulations on the 12th Five-Year Plan, build a new quiet sea" jointly agreed actions. They used the company to love employees and employees to love enterprises as the content of activities, further united the workforce, united and mobilized employees to consciously devote themselves to "I contribute to the enterprise, the enterprise seeks for my happiness", laying a foundation for the realization of Height's good and fast development It has established a solid mass foundation and played a positive role in promoting. In the implementation of common agreed activities, the company started with ensuring harmony and strengthening rights protection, insisted on and developed an equal negotiation collective contract system, strengthened standardized supervision of employee labor contract work, and provided legal protection for building harmonious labor relations and safeguarding employees' legitimate rights and interests. In order to improve the production and living environment of employees, invest funds to introduce advanced equipment and technology in the original dust-contaminated workshops to solve the problem of dust pollution and effectively protect the health of employees; establish employee bathrooms to ensure that employees can take hot baths after work; The production workshop is equipped with cooling facilities such as air conditioners and electric fans, and is equipped with drinking water and necessary heat-reduction drugs to ensure the safety of employees. On this basis, the company is well-focused on safe production and has carried out extensive and in-depth activities such as "safety is with me, cost reduction and efficiency improvement started from me" and other mass safety activities to enhance employees' safety awareness, cost awareness and benefit awareness. In recent years, the company has never experienced a major security incident. The harmonious labor relationship has mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to do their jobs. All employees have actively contributed to the development of the enterprise in terms of energy conservation, emission reduction, and technological transformation. Renovation and upgrading were carried out to achieve a win-win result for the enterprise and its employees.

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