Height's Global Market Share Reached 30.15%. Miracles Are Created Like This!

- Jan 09, 2020-

In 2019, Height's global market share reached 30.15%, and China's market share reached 42.20%. Numbers speak for themselves, facts speak louder than words. Hite Musical Instrument is a team that is more brave and dare to face difficulties and challenges.

2019 is a very challenging year. In the face of a complex and changing economic environment and an increasingly fierce market competition external environment, we have vowed to complete the internal pressure of the overall relocation at the end of the year issued by the municipal party committee and government. Height instrument people did not fall down, did not flinch, but did something and did nothing. The overall relocation is a challenge to the company and a test to the employees. How to break through the routine and go out of the ordinary way depends on wisdom and courage. During the relocation, the big waves washed up in the sand, who was the cutest person at a glance. There is a saying in the old saying: Gongming is multi-directionally poor and neutral, and misfortunes often arise from coincidence. Challenges and opportunities co-exist. In the face of difficulties and pressures, the true Hite instrumentalists were tested, seized the opportunities, and faced the difficulties. In the spirit of solving conflicts and rebirth through innovation, they invested 9.97 million yuan in research and development funds for technology Innovation and process optimization, using intelligent manufacturing such as automation, numerical control, electrostatic technology, and multi-robot, to further improve the technological level of musical instruments and product quality; invest more than 50 million to comprehensively upgrade fire protection and environmental protection equipment, and further enhance the core of the enterprise Competitiveness and social responsibility. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all Zhujiang Pianists, the annual tasks of quality and quantity will be completed in 2018, and all indicators will reach a record high.

No pain no gain. Gratitude understanding, gratitude comes with it. In one year, the national cultural industry base of Height Musical Instrument has completed the construction, relocation, and smooth use, and realized seamless docking of production capacity transfer. “Zero accidents and petitions” exceeded the work tasks and gained heavy honor. . The miracle of 2018 is the testimony of all Hite instrumentalists to keep their original heart, to fulfill their mission, to be practical, enterprising, pioneering and innovative, and to forge ahead. It is also the glorious tradition of the Pearl River Pianists who uphold the predecessor's "state-owned system and private mechanism" Heart journey.

The road goes a long way, and standing at a new historical starting point, Height Musicians will continue to strive for truth and pragmatism and firm the corporate vision of "making the best musical instruments in the world and being the strongest musical instrument company in the world". Based on a new starting point, meet new challenges, and strive for a miracle of innovation.


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