How Does The Harp Play?

- Dec 10, 2019-

It can be roughly divided into: Latin: the most primitive harp, unable to change tone.

Irish style: most styles, can be changed by hand tone.

Pedal type: 47 strings of different lengths are pulled from the beam to the soundboard, using the feet to change tonality.

Early harps were only a few strings arranged in a diatonic fashion, and could play only a limited amount of tonality. The pedal harp can play all the elevations, and its seven pedals allow the harp to transform into a diatonic scale in any key. Combined with the principle of equalization, the diatonic seven strings of the harp can become seven chords of various combinations of four notes.


The harp is played with both hands but without the little finger. The sound of a harp is similar to that of a piano, but it is soft and elegant. There are several special ways of playing the harp

Overtone: makes the tone clear and transparent, an octave higher than the original.

Slide: to make the tone play a unique harmonic effect.

Dullness: to make sound sonorous and powerful

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