How Long Does It Take To Learn An Instrument?

- Aug 02, 2019-

You may have experienced such a thing: walking on the road, accidentally listening to a piece of music, and then quietly stopping to listen, although I don't know the fingering, but I can feel the emotion they want to express with music. This may be the magic of music.

How long does it take to learn an instrument every day: No matter what you study, it is very important to set a practice time of more than one hour per day for your hobbies. It is much better to practice one hour a day than to practice five hours a day. Learning musical instruments is different from learning book theory because physical function is not as fast as brain acceptance. There are two conditions for sticking to this process: this instrument is indeed recognized by you, and you can resonate by listening to others' performance.

If you practice the instrument for a long time, but you can't use it to express your heart and resonance, this learning process is undoubtedly mechanical and boring. Learning to play the instrument is a very long process, requiring a person's long-term attention and strong self. control. You will find that learning instruments is also a process of learning to overcome the initial difficulties and gradually find fun.

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