How To Build A Board Game

- Jul 30, 2019-

Imagine a topic. Write your thoughts on paper or in a text file. You can also draw a rough outline of the game board. If it doesn't look right, you can fix it later. Let's see how to build a board game on paper.

The first step is to make rules. How do you win the game, how do you move? What is the fragment of the performance? Is there a special space or other function on the motherboard? Here you can create your own imagination. This is a stage of creation.

The second step uses whatever you like. In order to make the game board not too big, you can use a cardboard or poster board to cut to the right size.

The third step is testing. Play games with friends or siblings. Follow their advice and work hard to improve the rules of the game. Try it out for yourself and see if your work is easily affected and they will have a good time. This is the most important part!

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