How To Choose A Suitable Kalimba

- May 27, 2020-

Laminate wood or Solid wood kalimba

Kalimba, as a musical instrument made of wood, is also divided into veneer and laminate wood according to the material of the panel. Two different materials will make the piano make a very different sound. We can observe whether it is a solid wood or laminate wood through the cross-section of the soundhole.

1) Full solid wood: an integral body made of a whole piece of wood. The internal structure is compact and natural, which can quickly and completely transmit vibrations to achieve full resonance, making the Kalimba sound pure and the sound more ethereal.

2) Laminate wood: extruded from three kinds of wood. Vibration is transmitted between multiple kinds of wood, the loss is large, the volume is slightly reduced, and the sound is more mixed, which is not as good as the full solid wood.

The sound transmission of solid wood is more uniform and thorough, and the vibration of the laminate wood is weakened through several layers, which will greatly damage the signal transmission.

The sound of solid wood kalimba is more ethereal. Therefore, when the budget is sufficient, so we suggest that choose the full solid wood Kalimba, so that you can not change the piano for a long time in the future, and you will get a better sound and a comfortable playing experience.


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