How To Maintain The Guitar?

- Oct 25, 2019-

1. Please don't put the guitar in a mess, the guitar should buy a box or a piano bag, and put it up after use. Or put it on the zither, so as to avoid the collision. If the piano is broken, the tone will lose its original charm.

2. The place where the guitar is placed should not be too humid, which will affect the wooden structure of the guitar, causing deformation and damage to the piano. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the body. It should be wiped with a soft flannel to keep the piano clean. Also don't put it in a place that is too dry, so the wood will lose too much water and lose its original tone. Try to avoid dust.

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3. When changing strings, you should slowly loosen the strings. One by one, the speed should not be too fast. If it is too fast, the pulling force is not enough, it will cause the body to deform. The same is true for the stringing. Do not adjust the standard sound after the first string is installed. You can loosen it first, then install all the six strings and then adjust the string. The new piano should not be transferred to the standard sound from the beginning. It can be lowered. After one or two days, after the tension of the string is pulled up, it is not too late to adjust to the standard sound. The extra string at the head of the head must be lost. If it is not a good circle, the string will stick out and it will hurt the hand. The strings will change for up to half a year.

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