How To Maintain Your Ukulele

- Oct 24, 2019-

Ukulele is a kind of musical instrument which is loved by many people.However, in the actual use process, many people don't know how to take care of their own ukulele,resulting in a greatly shortened service life of the instrument,so it's very important to know how to maintain.Here are some suggestions for reference:

(1)when not in use, it should be placed flatly to avoid heavy objects pressing on Ukulele.


(2)if dirt is found, it must be cleaned in time.


(3)the middle and low-grade Ukulele need to buy thickened cotton bags, and the high-grade Ukulele need to be equipped with boxes,so as to facilitate the safe storage of Ukulele.


(4)the sudden change of temperature and humidity will cause damage to Ukulele.Usually, you should avoid the sunshine (playing it outside in summer, as far as possible to the shade) and keep away from the heating.If the air is too wet, put some desiccant in the box.


(5)for high-grade Ukulele,never put it on the table or floor,and pay attention to avoid damage caused by collision with zipper and button when playing.


(6)play frequently to make your Ukulele parts fully vibrate at any time.


Please remember these tips and pay attention to its maintenance~

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