How To Preserve Ukulele?

- Feb 26, 2019-

Control the humidity


Ukulele are made almost entirely of wood, and they are susceptible to changes in ambient air humidity and temperature. In particular, premium guitars made from all-veneer wood are more sensitive. Drastic and lasting change of temperature and humidity will lead to deformation, cracking and damage of the body.

To avoid this risk, it is best to keep the instrument in an environment with 45 to 55 percent humidity for a long time. In the season of too wet, the instrument can be stored together with the desiccant in the piano bag or piano box.


Instrument humidifiers can be used in case or bag during dry season or in air-conditioned Spaces.


Paying attention to detail, you might be able to use an air hygrometer to more accurately monitor the humidity inside the case.