In The End Of This Year

- Feb 05, 2021-

Yesterday (February 4th), Height Musical Instrument held the year-end review and employee commendation meeting.  Before the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, we made a summary and review of 2020's work and planned the development of the next year.  At the same time, we also rewarded the employees who made contributions to the company.

The first is the summary of the work. All the employees sorted out the deficiencies in their work and reflected on them, so as to make greater progress in the future business. When employees put forward suggestions, our general manager and director also listen carefully and commit to improve. The company will improve only when the employees do well.

Then it's time for the employee awards. This time, Julia won the Best Contribution Award and Fiona won the Egg Broken Performance Award. Because Julia's excellent suggestions to the company and were adopted, and Fiona got an order within one month of her entry, which was the incentive given by the company.



The company motivates its employees and they work hard. This kind of positive behavior will promote the healthy development of the company, better and better.

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