Indian Customers Orders A Batch Of Cajon Drum Products

- Mar 18, 2019-

Indian customers order a batch of wooden Bongo Cajon, rubber wood tapping Cajon percussion instrument, birch wood tapping Cajon box products, are preparing to pack and ship, thank you for your order, thank you for your trust and cooperation!

How to play cajon box:

Your cajon is a box, usually constructed from hardwood, that you sit on whilst playing. When you hit any face of the cajon, the wood will resonate to produce a tone. Harder woods like birch & beech tend to produce stronger more defined bass tones & more cutting high tones. Each wood has its own sound characteristics & the need to listen to any cajon you buy (or trust someone who knows what they are listening for) can never be overstated.

The cajon is a musical instrument & therefore, any good manufacturer will have made it with an attention to detail, such as strong joints, good timbers, reinforcing where necessary etc. The top surface forms a seat, so if you are expecting to spend long periods sat on it, you may want to consider using a cushion or padding of some sort. Sitting on the instrument does produce a bit of deadening, as would be expected, but the top face is also one of the two smallest faces on the cajon so the effect is minimal. Likewise, if you are using a padded seat, any dampening effect will be minimal.

Rosewood Snare Wire Cajon Box

The best approach to playing your new cajon percussion box is to spend time playing the various surfaces using different intensities (hardness) of stroke & playing in different places (eg. top, middle, bottom, side). Get to know your cajon & understand how you create different tones & sounds.

Our Key Advice:Time spent getting to know your instrument is never wasted & will pay dividends when it comes to playing music with others, especially in small groups where the different tones & effects will be more clearly heard.Our cajon box for sale is at its high period.Customers like to order it at this time.

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