Keep The Violin Case Insect-proof

- Dec 21, 2019-

All the boxes of my new instrument must be disposed of to prevent pests from coming into my house and eating into my violin. The cover is basically the same.

1, the use of insecticide aerosol as far as possible to choose water agent. If you can only buy the preparation containing oil, please pay attention not to contaminate the flannelette in the piano case, which will indirectly contaminate the violin and the bow, especially the horse tail hair.

2. Prepare a plastic bag the size of a 32 open book and a pencil. In addition, prepare three pieces of toilet paper.

3, put one of the toilet paper into a plastic bag, insert a pencil in the mouth of the plastic bag, spray insecticide aerosol on the bag of toilet paper, spray two or three times is ok, not too much. Immediately after spraying the bag mouth pinched.


4. Take out the violin and bow from the piano case, put the plastic bag into the piano case, put another piece of toilet paper under the opening of the plastic bag and insert the pencil, in order to prevent the pesticide from coming out from contaminating the piano case. Then immediately close the case tightly.

5, half to an hour later, will open the piano box, take out the pencil and change the outside of the toilet paper, immediately put the violin into the box, and covered. All action should be fast, let the remaining aerosol kill the violin abdomen may exist pests. After a night, take out the plastic bag in the piano box, put in the bow, it will be all right.

6, since then, every year every spring and summer alternate season, with the same method to deal with once, it is safe and bold.