Learn About Ukulele

- Dec 05, 2018-

Ukulele is a small Hawaiian guitar. It is commonly known as Ukulele in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is commonly used in the mainland as Ukulele. It is a four-stringed Hawaiian stringed instrument. It was invented in Portugal and is popular in Hawaii. A family of musical instruments.


During the inaugural Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915, the Hawaii Pavilion featured guitar and ukulele ensembles, making George E. K. Awai's Royal Hawaiian Quartette, with Ukulele producer and player Jonah Kumalae. Perform together. The ensemble allowed Ukulele to enter the United States. Ukulele became a musical product of the same age as jazz.

Because of its high degree of portability and relatively low price, it has caused a wave of turmoil throughout the 1920s. Among the manufacturers of ukulele, Martin added a luxurious and harmonious ukulele, banjolele and tiple to take advantage of the demand for production.

There is a saying in the folks that this is a musical instrument that is suitable for adults and children, and that is good and cute, and can stimulate the rhythm potential. As long as it is in the hand, there is no song you can't play.