Learn Together About Ukulele Tips

- Nov 01, 2019-

HC12 Glossy koa wood ukuleles 4.jpgThe panel is the determining factor for the ukulele tone. Acacia is widely loved for its warm, full-bodied, rich and full tone.

Next to the panel, the back and side panels are also important considerations. The sound quality of an instrument is largely influenced by the selection of these two parts. If the panel wood determines the "sound line" of the instrument, then the back and side panels add a "modification" to the tone. Like the material of the panel wood, it has a wide variety of materials, each of which is unique, which requires your own consideration and choice.

However, in addition to wood, Ukulele's materials are also new materials such as plastics, carbon fiber, wood-based panels, and a kind of HPL composite material, which is characterized by almost no environmental impact, but the sound is less transparent than wood.

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