Lightweigth Board Game Backpack

- Sep 24, 2019-

The board game backpack is lighter and goes further, and the pursuit of mankind has never changed.


Along with the development of fabric technology and load-bearing systems, the weight of outdoor  gaming backpacks has dropped again and again: from nearly 3kg to less than 2kg, and now to 810g.


The backpack under the lightening tide is more and more like the treasure box of Doraemon - both omnipotent and dexterous.


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The conditions that the backpack needs to cope with


Walking on rainy days to be waterproof


The fabric should be strong when carrying heavy weight.


When these basic requirements are met, the pursuit of lightweight fabrics becomes inevitable.


There are two main parameters when measuring fabrics:


D: Denier Daniel abbreviation used to measure the yarn diameter, that is, the larger the D value, the thicker the yarn;


T: Taffeta polyester taffeta abbreviation, which measures the density of the yarn, that is, the higher the T, the denser the yarn

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