Mastering The Rhythm And Melodic Sense Of Music Is Helpful For Children's Development

- Mar 19, 2019-

The famous German music educator Orff said: music education should start from movement.

The famous German music educator Orff said: music education should start from movement. In children's music education, body movement and music are closely related, and both are indispensable, because movement is the most direct way for children to express their thoughts and emotions. Movement is the baby's earliest heart activity, as early as in the prenatal movement began, that is, pregnant women feel the fetal movement.

When many babies are lying in the cradle, many mothers will hang things like wind chimes by the crib. The baby will unconsciously swing his or her hands or roll his or her eyes with the hanging bell, which is an instinctive reaction.

As early as in 1981, an American study found that the most basic movements of children appeared before the age of five, indicating that the cultivation of children's artistic gymnastics ability is an important part of childhood music practice. In addition, it can help children to accumulate sports vocabulary.

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Music appreciation is an important part of music activities and an important way for children to listen to music and exert their imagination. Many studies at home and abroad have shown that the moment a child is born, it responds to sound. There is now scientific evidence that a child in the womb can actually hear sounds. Orff encourages children to find the target of the sound.

At the age of three, the child can swing with the music, if it is a quiet melody, will gently shake the body, hear the strong melody, the movement will be larger. When I was 4 years old, I had the concept of music type, and my creativity would become stronger and stronger. I began to understand simple lyrics and generate some imagination.

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