- Sep 21, 2019-

Music is an art that reflects the emotions of human real life (English name: music; French name: musique; Italian: musica).

Music can be divided into two major types of vocal and instrumental music, and can be roughly divided into

classical music

folk music

Original ecological music

Modern music (including pop music), etc.

In the art type, music is abstract, and music can be divided into oriental music and western music from historical development.


The ancient Chinese theoretical foundation headed by Chinese Han music is the pentatonic scale, namely the palace, the merchant, the horn, the levy, the feather, and the west is dominated by the seven-level sound. The music is pleasing to the eye and brings you a sense of hearing.

Music can improve people's aesthetic ability, purify people's minds, and establish lofty ideals. We use music to express our emotions and release many of our emotions.

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