Launch Ceremony of Height Intelligent Learning Platform Successfully Held

- Jan 06, 2020-

The "Height Musical Instrument Intelligent Learning Platform Launch Ceremony" co-sponsored by Height Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Kongmeng Cultural Consultation Center was held in Jiulong Lake, Huadu.

This launching ceremony and project promotion activities are fortunate to invite leaders, principals and strategic partners of kindergartens and educational institutions in all districts of Guangzhou-Guangdong Vocational College of Literature and Art, Guangdong Guangzhou Daily Media Co., Ltd., China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch Companies, etc., to share and share the intelligent education revolution brought about by technological innovation.

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The launching ceremony in the afternoon began with a keynote speech on "smart education". Professor Tao introduced us to the comprehensive development of education informatization in the field of education, which has a huge impact on traditional educational thoughts, concepts, models, contents and methods. At the same time, technological innovation has brought about educational changes, and intelligent education will become a new model of future education.

At the launching ceremony, Height Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. stated that most children learn musical instruments more “forced” + “parent training”, and both children and parents are struggling. The boring music practice often makes children learn a musical instrument but get tired of the art of music. And Height Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a Guangdong high-tech enterprise and a small technological innovation enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of intelligent musical instruments. The company always takes "music for the masses" as its mission, adheres to the concepts of "civilization of performing arts, simplification of music symbols, intelligent music education", and is committed to "building the first brand of Chinese intelligent musical instruments", which just solves the problem of "learning musical instruments for children" The pain point of the market of "hard, hard to learn musical instruments".

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Subsequently, President Huang of Confucius and Mencius Culture interpreted relevant cooperation policies. Under the witness of media friends, Height Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Kongmeng Cultural Consulting Center announced the cooperation with Guangdong Vocational College of Literature and Arts, Guangdong Guangzhou Daily Media Co., Ltd. Bank Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch and other strategic partners have formed a "smart learning platform" to allow children to fully enjoy the fun of smart learning brought by intelligent education, and start a wonderful "smart learning platform" first. Musical Enlightenment.

That night, the launching ceremony of the Height Musical Instrument Learning Platform and the welcome dinner for guests were successfully held. The banquet was kicked off by Mr. Huang Binjie, the general manager of the Confucian Cultural Consultation Center.

In the rich banquet program, the electronic drums used in the "Two Drum Ensemble:" Run "performed by the children are one of the products of the Music Cat. It is a puzzle beneficial body that integrates entertainment, learning, and music education. product. The little performers were not stage frightened at all, they completed the performance very confidently, and were warmly applauded by the guests, which once again verified that in the era of intelligent education, all learning needs to keep pace with the times.

The principals also said that in the era of the rapid development of science and technology, education reform is inevitable. Only by integrating intelligent education methods into the curriculum and children's learning life can we better adapt to the development of the times and the children's educational needs. Through intelligent musical instrument teaching, it can indeed arouse children's interest in learning, make children truly fall in love with music, and feel the rhythm and rhythm of music with their hearts. At the same time, it can also allow children to focus on one thing and play a puzzle effect.

The launching ceremony and project promotion activities were successfully held with the support of units from all walks of life. The participants' high appraisal of intelligent musical instruments made us more confident and continue to work hard to promote the development of intelligent education.

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