New! 21 Strings Lyre Harp With Beautiful Design

- Nov 21, 2020-

Hello all friend,

I'm so glad to recommended our new product --21 strings Lyre Harp to you!

lyre harp 21 strings


This Lyre Harp Beautiful Design Fully Hand Craft Work Man Ship.

The strings penetrate the barrel body, strong and durable, and it is not easy to damage the body. When the strings are plucked, the vibration directly enters the barrel body to resonate and reflect, achieving a longer sustain effect and more stable sound quality.

Mahogany lyre harp, which is high hardness and density. It is strong enough to keep it in tune and avoid the string squeeze into the wood.

The soundbox is made of natural wood and compared with artificial plywood, the internal structure is natural and compact, which can comply with the sound principle of the instrument.

Lyre Harp

Lyre Harp

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