2019 New Arrival Koa Wood Cajon Box From Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd

- Jan 05, 2019-

New Cajon Models come again yesterday Jan.4th, it called Koa wood cajon box ,model No. CJKA-01 which belongs to Height's new cajon series. This cajon absorb most famous cajon brand like LP cajon, schlagwerk cajon and Sela cajon advantages. With adjustable guitar string system for both Flamenco and Peruvian styles.

Here are some informations for our KOA wood cajon box

Model NO.:CJKA-01

Brand Name:Height

Playing surface:2.8mm KOA wood

Cajon BodyMaterial:Birch Plywood




   1. Smoothy tapping and bodyto give you a comfortable feeling and also very safe for playing.

   2. Round corner design to assure smoothy and very comfortable for playing also very safe.

   3. A special groove in center of top front tapping, speical and also easy for playing.

   4. 4 string and 4 jingles inside to make out very cool sound ,and its adjustable by wrench to swicth into high sound,middle high and deep bass sound effect.

   5. Enviroment painting to assure a REACH and Rohs certificate cajon for you.


koa wood cajon box

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