New Arrival The Best Kalimba Bag

- Jun 06, 2018-

Kalimba is an African instrument, through the hands of the instrument holding the thumb and pull out with the thumb. Adjust and test the shipment. Using international standards C, and the use of double screw keys to strengthen the stability, and the solid body body, so that the resonance is more enough. Timber seems to be warm, insist on the long lasting.

How to protect our kalimba from damage, then you need a kalimba bag. This new design bag prevents the kalimba from being damaged, humidified, scraped, scratched and so on. In this case, traveling with the instrument is very convenient, you can play anytime, anywhere. When you receive and open it, maybe you smell the material. Don’t worry, keep it open and put it in a ventilated environment for a few minutes, the smell will disappear.

17 Keys Kalimba Instrument Bag

High-quality materials: Hand-made high-quality polyester fibres for better hearing, vision and touch.

Suitable for the thumb piano:Suit for 8 or 10 keys kalimba

Learning Guide: Through our professional kalimba study manual, we detailed the use and performance of kalimba. QR code to watch our video so that we can guide you and communicate with you.

Safety protection: EVA Kalimba bag can effectively protect Kalimba from moisture and oxidation, scratch, drop, waterproof and easy to carry.

After-sales service: 365 days warranty, 30-50 days unconditional return and exchange guarantee. If you have any questions or requests regarding the instrument, please feel free to contact us.

This kalimba bag will give you the best protection for your instrument. If you need it, go to the Height’s official website to buy it.

17 Keys Kalimba Instrument Bag 3

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