New Design Board Game Bag

- Apr 04, 2019-

The Height’s board game bag is very durable and waterproof, even if in particularly bad weather conditions and heavy rain, we recommend adding this rain cover to make the safe bag more weatherproof. Our board game bag is your new friend for your games. They allow you to instantly customize your game to carry, organize and store. The custom designs minimize the amount of games and gear you carry in a minimized amount of space!

Our board game bags, cases and accessories are guaranteed for life, durable, highly waterproof nylon fabric, protective, impact resistant EVA foam, high quality metal fittings, self-healing zippers, and a variety of pockets, pouches and compartments to take care of your gaming gear like a boss.

Professional Board Game Bag

With Gamefolios, you can safely protect your game bag and the artwork on it at home. If you accidentally fall, bump or hit the Gamefolio Case or the bag they are in, they will also make your game pieces messy or fall to the place like a salad. The game bag is not so tolerant.

Combine Gamefolios with our Height duffel bag. The safe bag can hold 4-5 Gamefolio boxes, depending on the fullness of each box. Depending on the size and structure of each game, each Gamefolio can hold one to three games or more.

Only one or two games are needed for the night of the game? No problem, just grab the Gamefolio bag with the game you want to bring and you’re out the door! (With or without one of our safe duffel bags.)

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