Points When Purchasing Kalimba(II)

- Feb 25, 2019-

Then,let's pay attention to the insides!

Sounds OR17 10

There are two types of thumb keys, 10 and 17, which correspond to 10 keys and 17 keys, so what's the difference between the two.

1) 10 tone: with fewer keys, the range is narrow and the repertoire is easy to be limited, but the operation is simpler, which is suitable for beginners to get started quickly.

2) 17 notes: more keys, wider range, more songs to play, also can play harmony, further increase playability, suitable for advanced learners and capable beginners.


Here are some Suggestions for choosing between the 10 and 17 tones.

1) beginners in advanced learning, if there is no music basis can consider the simple 10 tone, because there are only 10 keys, so it is faster to start. After getting familiar with some simple tracks, I will consider 17-tone songs, so that I will have a sense of accomplishment and not give up because 17-tone songs are difficult.

2) if you're someone who has a certain music basis, forget about it. Go straight up to 17. The 17 tone gameplay in the order of magnitude on the second killed 10 tone, whether it is accompaniment or refers to play, can easily deal with.


Acoustic OR electric box

The electric box kalimba is able to pick up the sound signal of the kalimba through the signal line and send it to the sound amplification equipment. Many people do not understand this friend will have difficulty in choosing here, then talk about how to choose.

1) buy the carimba is for self-entertainment for this situation, it is recommended to buy the original sound carimba. Because you don't need to connect the kalimba to the speaker to play, the piano itself is loud enough to handle both the finger and the song.

2) want to performing stage in the future with a lot of the audience, so the carlin is unable to cope with the volume of itself, if take the microphone to pick up the stage, the effect will be very poor, so bring the electric box carlin of pick-up can be put to use, a cable connected to the PA system can let more people hear your harps.

After read all about this,are you already feel like to buy one?Don't hesitate to surfing in HEIGHT!