Removal Of The Violin String Pillow

- Dec 28, 2019-

1. The string pillow is subject to the downward pressure of the string, so it doesn't need to be firmly glued. Generally, it just needs to be dotted. Violin and viola string pillows can be inserted from any corner where the string pillow is attached to the fingerboard, gently shaken and with downward pressure, and pushed across the seam should pull the string pillows apart. If this does not work, use a rectangular hardwood bar flat on the fingerboard, one end against the string pillow, hammer the other end to make the string pillow off, be careful not to damage the string box. Still not good word, the one side of the neck of the piano against the cushion of soft cloth edge of the table, with chisel split or cut the way to remove the string pillow.


2. When taking off the string pillow of the cello, lie on the side of the cello on the workbench with soft cloth. The person stands on the top of the spiral head, blocking the spiral head with his body. With a rectangular hardwood stick, hold the string pillow against the side of the fingerboard, and with a hammer of the right size, give the other end of the stick a firm blow to release the string pillow. Never touch the shaft box or place the stick against the top of the pillow to avoid accidental damage.