Small Instrument In The World

- Aug 27, 2019-

Last time we published a chapter on the world's largest instrument (pipe organ), let's take a look at the world's smallest instrument.


Some people say that the smallest instrument in the world is a whistle. In fact, the whistle is not an instrument. What is an instrument? The sound (tone and noise) that can be used to play music. What is the smallest instrument in the world? The answer is a string of Chinese minority musical instruments.


Strings have a long history and are popular in many minority areas of China. The names vary depending on the ethnicity of the area. According to the historical book "Shiben" written in the Warring States Period, "the son-in-law formed a spring." In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Xi’s “Release the Name, Release the Instrument” contained the article “Spring, ... made of bamboo and iron, drumming in the mouth”. Therefore, the chord is also called the oral spring. In the Qing Dynasty, Tan Cui’s “Hui Hai Yi Heng Zhi” contained the words: “Huoqin, cut into bamboo, smashed... People and Yi women learn more, songs.” Therefore, strings are also called harmonica. .



Chords play an important role in the musical life of many minority areas in China. They are mainly used for the love life of young men and women, but also for dance accompaniment. Most tunes are impromptu, and women especially like to play. At present, the instrument has been on the music stage after being excavated and processed by music workers, becoming a solo instrument with a strong national color.


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