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- Jul 07, 2020-

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Kalimba's structure and materials

Kalimba is made by fixing metal sheets of different lengths on wooden boards. You can adjust the pitch of the instrument by adjusting metal pieces of different lengths.

The longest metal piece is usually placed in the middle of the instrument, and the shorter metal piece (higher) is placed on both sides in length order. The most common use is to pick up the thumb piano with both hands and use both hands to play simultaneously or in turn.

The vocal body of the thumb piano is an elastic metal strip of different lengths on the top and a wooden or gourd melon as the resonance box below.

In the past, the raw material of these metal bars was only the metal melted from the ore, but now it is made of higher quality steel. Thumb pianos come in many different shapes, and the number of steel bars varies.


Kalimba's music usage scene

Kalimba is a body-singing instrument in the types of musical instruments-stringing instruments, wind-singing instruments, skin-singing instruments, body-singing instruments.

Kalimba's main use is for accompaniment, and thumb pianos are usually played in religious ceremonies or social activities.

When playing, hold the body with both hands, and then play with two thumbs. When the thumb is pressed and released, the steel sheet will vibrate and make a sound.

Some thumb pianos will be equipped with some shells or soda bottle caps and other objects so that they can simultaneously emit some "sizzling" sounds, or they can be tilted on the table halfway, which will give an echo-like effect, or Like the sound of a tambourine metal piece shaking, the sound effect is more abundant.                                                 

The thumb piano is small and easy to carry. When sunset and dusk, people will form a circle and use it for singing or storytelling accompaniment. Some natives also take it with them for leisure time along the way when they walk long distances.

Height 17 keys kalimba

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