Spanish Allegro Related News (2)

- Dec 25, 2019-

Born in zaragoza, Spain, gere angel borna began to dance the Spanish hota at the age of eight and trained professionally in ballet and flamenco. In June 1993, he won the "outstanding dancer award" in the second Spanish dance and flamenco competition, and toured many cities in Spain, France, Italy, England and Japan.

In late 2004, he starred in director carlos saura's new film "Iberia" with flamenco queen Aida gomez. Because of its excellent use of castanets in dance, it has created a unique style combining classical and modern, and is known as "the paganini of dancing castanets".

It is worth mentioning that ordinary viewers will think flamenco is bold and unrestrained and strong expertise, and Gail, jack borna, in his "moody's Hal" added more melodious and soothing, let the ballet's overall rhythm has a primary activity in the audience appreciate the noise of flamenco dance at the same time, the experience of modern and classical elements converge to form the ancient Spanish graffiti.