- Feb 17, 2019-

Korea customers place an order of SPRUCE ZEBRA WOOD CONCERT UKULELE products, are preparing to pack and ship, thank you for your order, thank you for your trust and cooperation!

This Concert Ukulele has a bone nut & saddle, Indian rosewood fingerboard and a beautiful mahogany finish.


The advantage of zebra wood is the natural wonderful texture;


1. In the natural wood color, the golden and black curves leap out at the eyes, the colors are eye-catching and extremely fluid, and any cut surface can clearly show the aesthetic feeling of wood grain. And zebra wood draw materials rate is low, woodiness is hard, treatment difficulty is big, so every product that makes with zebra wood overflows powerful natural breath fully.


2. zebra wood can reach a maximum of 130cm, the growth environment is special, growing in the average altitude of 1600 meters above the hilly area.


3. It can go hand in hand with wood grain, the wooden structure of ebony is also very good. Known as the "ninth kind of mahogany" ebony is not a name in vain. Want to weigh weigh in hand only, can discover ebony wants to sink more than other lumber. The hardness of this kind of lumber, density is high, its woodiness structure and the chicken wing wood in annatto are similar, the grain of grain of fine and close, depth wood alternate with and form individual character dye-in-wood grain.


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