Take You One Step Closer To The World Of Kalimba Music

- Mar 20, 2020-

Kalimba is also known as the thumb piano, it is made by fixing metal pieces of different lengths to wooden boards. Adjust the length of the metal pieces to adjust the tone of the instrument.

The longest metal piece is usually placed in the middle of the instrument, and the shorter metal piece is placed on both sides in length. The most common way is to pick up the piano with both thumbs and play with both thumbs simultaneously or in turns.

The sounding part of the thumb piano is an elastic metal strip of different lengths on the top.

There are many different shapes for thumb pianos, and the number of steel bars varies.

Kalimba belongs to the group of musical instruments.

When playing, hold the body with both hands and play with both thumbs. When the thumb is pressed and released, the steel sheet will vibrate and make a sound.

Some thumb pianos will be equipped with objects such as shells or soda bottle caps so that when playing, they can make some "hissing" sounds at the same time, and they can also be lifted and shaken on the table, giving an echo-like swirling effect, or The sound made when the tambourine metal piece shakes makes the sound effect richer.

The thumb piano is small and easy to carry. When sunset is dusk, people form a circle and use it for singing or storytelling accompaniment. Some people also take it with them to spend time along the way when walking long distances.


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