The Art World Of Wood And Strings

- Jan 10, 2020-

In his government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization and flexible production, cultivate the spirit of craftsmen who strive for excellence, increase variety, improve quality, and create brands. The "artisan spirit" first appeared in the government work report, which is an important signal for China to enter the era of innovation. The artisan spirit represents the temperament of an era and is an important spirit necessary for a large country's manufacturing industry to grow from strength to strength. What is required is an attitude of excellence, meticulousness, and professional dedication to things and things. Only countries and nations with craftsmanship and respect for craftsmanship can achieve sustainable and long-term development without being eliminated by world trends. This is exactly what our country needs, and it is an indispensable part to realize China's creative transformation.

Height Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the first domestic enterprises engaged in designing and producing guitars. The ukulele, a plucked string instrument from the West, is mostly made by hand, with a large number of parts and processes, and extremely strict technical requirements. Every detail determines the quality of the ukulele. Height Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in ukulele making and has been committed to improving the innovation and innovation of ukulele-making skills.

It has always adhered to the "meticulous and excellence" craftsmanship and integrated it into the design and In the production, it is this spirit that created Height's unique ukulele making skills, and also gave birth to a large number of highly skilled and innovative Height ukulele craftsmen, which promotes the sustainable development of the industry, Making "Made in China" has made its due contribution to "Made in China". In recent years, Height Musical Instrument has invested 300 million yuan to establish a brand-new industrial base in the High-tech Development Zone of Heyuan City.

It has solved the bottleneck of traditional ukulele making, solved major problems in the industry, and promoted the development of the industry. At the same time, Height Musical Instrument is also committed to training and education, opening multiple training classrooms, and training a large number of new-generation luthiers, so that the craftsmanship can be passed down and the spirit of ingenuity can be passed on.

In the future, Height Musical Instruments will always uphold and carry forward this craftsmanship spirit. We recognize that this is not limited to the company, but more importantly, the craftsmanship spirit needs to be transmitted to the industry and even across industries.  Should be a state of full bloom, work together to create the most internationally competitive national brand products, polish the "Made in China" brand!

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