The Guangzhou International Musical Instrument Exhibition That You Are Looking Forward

- Mar 07, 2019-

The 16th Guangzhou International Musical Instrument Exhibition in 2019&was held in zone B of China import and export fair from February 24 to 27.

The bustling crowd, gathered in front of the booth of the Height&instrument. They were either attracted by the booth before the small instrument, or attracted to the scene with highly active rhythm way of performance, or because the singer’s beautiful voice together with the ukelele, also or because Height is famous for its high quality ...

Musical Instrument ExhibitionThe Guangzhou International Musical Instrument Exhibition

 At the exhibition booth of Height Musical Instruments, there were customers who ordered Cajón box and kalimba thumb one after another, and also signed orders one after another.Staffs are busy packaging products and communicating with customers and music lovers to ensure high-quality service.

Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd


We welcomed our New Year , and we had fully prepared for the new Guangzhou international musical instrument exhibition. Height will arrive at the "battlefield" with Ukulele,kalimba and Cajón box, Lyre, drum bag, ukulele bag, guitar bag

which will bring a new visual and auditory impact to all instrument lovers who have attended the exhibition!


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