The Height Ukulele For You

- Apr 15, 2019-

Congratulations, you have just found the most valuable ukulele package!

In short:

You will soon find yourself needing another uke – its sound and construction quality competition is ahead of the street, which means it will last.

You sound great – quality strings and gear heads help to avoid the usual tuning problems (usually the biggest trap for ukes in this price range).

Solid Hawaiian Koa 23 Inch Ukulele

In detail:

Beginner ukulele is perfect for anyone starting with Soprano Ukulele (even an absolute beginner). It looks like a business, it sounds great, and the strings stay good. And reached the highest standard of Uke prices we have seen. It comes with a box with its own waterproof gigbag/suitcase (not including the mahogany ukulele, not including a bag).

It does everything you expect from beginner Uke and does it well! It’s worth noting that the noses – they are gears (found on the guitar), help to stabilize the tuning.

Features and details

For kids and adults, have fun: Height Ukulele makes it easier to listen to, regardless of age. The gear tuner/tuning pin on the headstock helps keep the tone, the toner string material means less effort to press the strings down, and the accompanying show bag allows you to ship Ukelele to school or Uke Ukelele is easily protected during Club practice.

Oxford Cloth Ukulele Big Bag

The first step towards the guitar: the traditional small size, short length (suitable for children’s smaller fingers), makes ukeleles the ideal “stepping stone” for guitar. The small space between the sounds means that the small hands must stretch less, which in turn makes the play easier and more enjoyable. Skills are learned on Uke and then transferred to the guitar.

Things that break your weight: the wooden tops of the Oriental Rosewood, the back and sides – and the high quality fluorocarbon strings that are rarely installed on the ukes in this price range – meaning you’ve got the best so far The tone, as well as your money, keeps coordination and reduces trouble. We provide you with guidance on how to “stretch” the strings to stabilize the tuning and eliminate the biggest pain points for beginner uke players.

1 year warranty: between upgraded fluorocarbon rope, gear head and waterproof gigbag. Adding a one-year warranty to manufacturing defects, you are a sure-win winner!

What are you waiting for?

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