The Most Miraculous Instrument—KALIMBA

- Feb 14, 2019-

They said that the world is very big,It is the same in the world of Musical Instruments.There are many strange Musical Instruments in the world.

The different sounds, shapes and playing methods make up their unique beauty.


Kalimba, also known as the thumb piano is an African instrument.

A plucked - type body - sounding instrument, common in sub-saharan Africa.

Besides being small and cute, it is easy to play.Timbre is also very good, have much empty inspiration.


Kalimba is the name given to the instrument in Kenya.In Zimbabwe it is known as Mbira.The Congolese call it Likembe.It also has names such as Sanza and Thumb Piano.


The body of the Kalimba is usually made of wood or gourd as a sounding box, with a number of different lengths of flexible metal tongue bars attached. With the number of metal bars and the length of the difference, the range and pitch of each carimba will also be different.


The general method of playing is to use two hands holding the body, using two big thumb pressure playing tongue elastic metal strip, with the elastic force to play the limba. The thumb piano is small and portable. At sunset, people gather in a circle and use it to sing songs or tell stories.


It was named after the thin section of the body (mainly made of wood and bamboo, and also made of metal in modern development) that was moved by the thumb.


Edit by Hodor Wong