The Shape And Size Of Ukulele

- Dec 05, 2018-

Ukulele has two common shapes, one is guitar type and the other is pineapple type.In general, the pineapple type has better resonance (basically negligible), the tone is more special, and the guitar type is more traditional, but the actual difference between the two is not too great.

Four common sizes:

The ukulele is divided into four sizes: treble, midrange, sub-middle and bass. The size and structure will affect the sound and volume of the ukulele.

   类型   尺寸   宽度   长度   定音
  soprano 21 inches   33cm   53cm  g'c'e'a'
  concert 23 inches   38cm   58cm  g'c'e'a'
  tenor 26 inches   43cm   66cm  gc'e'a'
  baritone 30 inches   48cm   76cm  dgbe'